The Battle of AI Chatbots | ChatGPT V/S Google’s BARD

The Battle of AI Chatbots:

Artificial Intelligence has come a long way from being a mere concept to becoming an integral part of our lives. The AI chatbots have made it easier for us to communicate with computers in a more natural and intuitive way. In this article, we will be discussing the battle of the AI chatbots between Google’s Bard and Bing’s Vlog Editor.

The Battle of AI Chatbots:Recently, Microsoft announced that Bing has crossed 100 million active users, making it a significant milestone for the search engine. At the same time, Gmail’s creator, Paul Buchheit, stated that ChatGPT could be the reason for Google’s downfall. In response to this, Google has released a trailer video of its AI working, which summarizes Gmail threads and automatically creates presentations from a document. However, as of now, we only have access to Google’s AI chatbot, Bard.

The Battle of AI Chatbots:

The first noticeable difference between Bard and Bing’s Vlog Editor is the speed at which they respond. Bard takes time to respond, while Vlog Editor is quick to respond. Another difference is that when you get a response from Google’s chatbot, you can view other drafts, which are shorter versions of the same answer. In contrast, Vlog Editor has three modes – creative, balance, and precise.

To test the capabilities of both chatbots, the author asks them to write a 2000-word summary of India’s political history between 1960 to 1990. Google’s Bard is fast and provides a concise summary starting with Jawaharlal Nehru’s death, the emergency, and the economic liberalization in 1990. On the other hand, Bing’s Vlog Editor provides links to Wikipedia sources for all the information, which is a more comprehensive approach.

Next, the author challenges both chatbots to write an HTML code to open 100 YouTube tabs with a button click. While copying and pasting the code in Bard does not work, Vlog Editor performs the task perfectly. Vlog Editor’s ability to make changes to the code is also tested when the author asks it to open ten tabs on a button with two clicks, and it works flawlessly.

Microsoft is moving at a crazy pace and has integrated Dali 2 in Bing, which has resulted in the Bing image creator. It allows users to create any image they want, such as a person using a 5G phone near a 5G cell tower. The images are usable and save time, unlike Google, where it can be difficult to find the right image.

In conclusion, both chatbots have their strengths and weaknesses. Google’s Bard is still in its experimental phase and only available to a limited number of people in the US. On the other hand, Bing’s Vlog Editor is more comprehensive and quicker in responding. However, with Microsoft’s pace, it won’t be long before Bing surpasses Google in terms of AI capabilities

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